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The Musicians LLC offers the easiest, most professional, and the happiest way to book guitar lessons and music lessons at home and online music lessons in UAE. We do not do it as a job we do it for the Passion.

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We are eager to get contracted with specialized and more importantly passionate music and guitar teachers not only musicians, whom they have the keen to pass their passion for young and adults people.

Our guitar students are getting an expert preparation for the international examination, such as the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and the Trinity College, we will be happy and proud to help you prepare for your exam up to graduation.



Guitar is one of the most fun instruments to learn. Keeping in mind that it needs its own effort to gain the necessary skills like all other instruments but it’s definitely worth it.

‘Guitar’! It has always been considered a core instrument in the Music industry. You can literally find in almost every single song in our recent history. The guitarist develops the ability to express himself and release the emotions through playing, which is very therapeutic. The patterns that playing on guitar involves can help to time management skills, strengthen hand-mind coordination, and make players more systematic. Guitar lessons are extremely beneficial for kids as learning how to play Guitar will expand their IQ level, improve academic performance and also helps to become more organized and able to adapt, as playing Guitar would improve synchronized movements, grasp, strum, Moving both the hands simultaneously and hold down accurate fret positions, all at the same time.

We believe that private lessons in your comfort zone and through an individual approach is essential in learning the guitar. Every guitar session is personalized based on the students’ goals, learning stage, style, and abilities. Whether you want just to learn how to play your favorite tunes or progress in the guitar like a professional we as passionate musicians will be able to support you to reach out to your dreams.


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The Musicians LLC was founded in order to make learning music easier and more convenient for parents and kids. As a parent, you won’t be in need to carry the troubles of organizing your timetable to be able to go and drop your kids to music lessons, wait for them and then come back home the drop them back! Our teacher will come to your home or preferred place to conduct the music lessons there which is also an important aspect of your child learning process as music lessons at ho