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What is the appropriate age to start learning a musical instrument?

The average age to start piano lessons is five years old and six years old for all other instruments. However, children below the recommended starting age can be assessed to determine if they are able to start music lessons, as some children show abilities in a much earlier age

Do you offer music group lessons?

We usually advise going with individual lessons as it offers more time to absorb the information. However, we can do a group lesson of up to 2 students. Time of the lesson will be divided equally between students or depending on the need of each of them.

Can an adult without any previous music experience start music lessons?

Yes. It is never too late to start learning a musical instrument, as long as you have a passion for music, the patience and willingness to put in the time for it. We are happy to have many adult students from beginners to advance. In some cases up to 62 years old.

Can a student enroll for a few lessons only?

Based on our experience a few lessons are not enough time for a student to get to know the instrument, teacher, and to see results. It takes time to process what is learned and transform it into a physical ability.

Who are the teachers and what are their qualifications?

All our teachers are thoroughly and carefully selected full of passion, highly qualified, holding diplomas and even masters from well-known and high standard universities in Europe, America, and Asia. The Musicians teachers are with several years of experience in teaching. They are proficient and innovative in their specialty, combining the international proven teaching methods, with the individual approach required for each learner.

Is it required for the student to have his/her own instrument?

Yes, it is important. In order for the students to progress, they should have their own instruments, so they can practice at home. We are aware that buying a piano or a full drum set might be a big investment for a beginner student. Therefore, students may start by practicing at home on an electric keyboard, instead of a piano, and a practice drum pad, instead of full drums set. We can assist you with advice on choosing the most suitable instrument to start with

When I can see that me or my kid will be able to play “something”? How long does it take to learn an instrument?

There is no set time on how long it takes to learn an instrument. This varies from student to student, depending on the individual abilities, the level of commitment, frequency of attending lessons and time spent practicing at home. Students will be able to play some simple tunes from the very beginning; however playing an instrument involves a lot of physical skills, which require time, persistence and repetition to build. We are confident that students constantly improve with continuous lessons and practice.

Can a student enroll for lessons at any time of the year?

Yes for sure. Just contact us and we will arrange with you the start anytime during the year, subject to our teachers' availability.

Will a student need to purchase any additional materials?

It really depends on your instrument and what things you might need such as tuners, metronomes (which can be downloaded as free apps from the stores in some cases), music stands, footstools, capos, guitar straps, shoulder rests, etc. We will try to provide you with some materials (Sheet Music) to study from whenever it's possible. However, you need to buy books to learn from for most cases.

Can a parent sit in during their child’s lesson?

In some cases, the teacher will recommend that. It depends on the student as some of them require some support from their parents. However, we do not recommend to sit in the lesson but somewhere near if an observation is something you would enjoy as a parent to see how your child is improving but without being in a direct place where your child might lose his focus with the teacher.

What if my child loses interest in the instrument that he/she enrolled for?

We encourage all parents to support their child and the teacher in order for the child to succeed. One of the most common reasons is when the material gets harder and the child faces the natural difficulties of learning something new, along with the frustration of having to repeat and practice more. Therefore an open dialog between parents, student, and Teacher is essential to finding the best solution. There are always options to continue your child’s music education, whether it requires adjusting their practice agenda, finding more suitable lesson timing, or even switching to another instrument. Unfortunately, a refund is not possible as per our policy after the first lesson of any package, therefore we offer usually a one month package so students can see how things are going for him/her with the instrument.

How many lessons are recommended per week?

The lessons should be scheduled at least once a week. However, without a doubt, it will certainly be more beneficial to attend the lessons twice (or more) a week, if the student’s agenda allows. As the student progresses to advanced levels, taking twice or more a week will be highly recommended, as attending more than one lesson per week will keep everything fresh and more engaging.

Do you have any offers or promotions?

Our main aim is to help people to learn music so we try from time to time to give some discounts and for sure if you have more than one child we will most probably offer a special discount depending on your location.
You can kindly follow us on Facebook and Instagram also, so you can always be updated and aware of our latest offers and promotions.

What are your prices or fees?

Please check Our Packages page on our website to have a full view of our prices without any registration or hidden fees.

How can I apply for a job at The Musicians?

If you are passionate about teaching, please email your CV and a short video of you performing on the instrument you are applying for, to:
info@themusiciansllc.com, or submit your details and CV using our portal in the Careers page
We will try our best to get back to you.

What if a student has previous music background, will they have to start from the beginning?

For this reason, we offer a free assessment so the teacher can determine the student level and try to continue from the same point. However, sometimes, the teacher may need to go through the already learned material, in order to ensure there are no missing gaps and all the fundamentals are correctly learned.
You can book an assessment on our book online page

What is the benefit of your free assessment? Why is it important to do it?

We offer a free assessment in order to give a chance to the student and the teacher to meet and see how they are getting along. Besides, this will give a chance to the teacher to see the student abilities and try to give you the most honest opinion about the student ability to progress, which can be not 100% accurate as sometimes a student might improve so fast or slow after a while depending on his/her motivation and determination to learn.
This assessment also will save time from the first lesson as the teacher will be ready with the learning materials or at least the plan of learning for this specific student.
You can book an assessment on our book online page

What is the appropriate age to start learning a musical instrument?

The average age to start piano lessons is five years old and seven for Guitar, Violin and all other instruments. However, in some cases children below that age are showing huge abilities, therefore, it's recommended to be assessed to determine if they are able to start music lessons.

How the payment will be done?

Once it's agreed with the teacher about the lessons and the package, payment can be done through bank transfer which you will get the details for upon registering.

Can I change my classes timing after it's agreed on with the teacher?

Your teacher will be always there for you. Subject to his/her availability, the teacher will do his best to accommodate you. However, this is not a promise as the teacher could be really busy and it's really difficult to manage unplanned changes.

When I can refund my payment?

Refund is possible before the first lesson only, after the first lesson refund will not be possible. However, if you have someone of your friends that can benefit from the lessons we will be happy to transfer the remaining lessons to them. In one condition, if your friend would like to take the remaining lessons and pay the difference to make it a full package. For example, you have got a 2 months/8 lessons package but you used 3 lessons only; your friend will be able to get the remaining 5 lessons but he needs to pay for 3 lessons so he can use a total of 8 lessons.

If I choose a package, when is the last date to finish my lessons? Can I extend this date?

Every invoice will mention the beginning of your package and the end of it. Subject to the teacher availability, you will be assisted to finish your lessons within the mentioned period. However, we have flexibility with public holidays such as Christmas, summer break, and Easter.
Be assured that the teacher will do his best to accommodate your needs whenever it's possible and subject to his availability.

What if I have any concern or issue with the teacher, whom I should refer to?

In case of any issue shall arise, please do not hesitate to drop us an email to info@themusiciansllc.com or send us a Feedback using our website form using appropriate subject.

If I am taking online lessons or home lessons, can I switch between?

-Sure you can, but after you finish the booked package if you are taking online lessons. -You can use your remaining lessons if you are taking home lessons as online lessons, but the value will be the same, there will be no refund of compensation for the difference.