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* Some of The Reasons & Benefits of Choosing Us as Educators (whether for a child or an adult)  


  • Learning within the student's comfort zone has a big reflection on productivity and concentration, away from outsider interruptions to lessons.

  • Saving the embarrassment that some people might feel with going to lessons for adults or even for some children who feel more relaxed and engaged in the home environment

  • Lessons at home guarantee that you and your child are in your own healthy, clean place, away from potential illness and in your own controlled environment that you trust its hygiene

  • Being able to have your own timing at your own convenience if the teacher timetable allows. If not, the teacher will be happy to try to manage the available time to accommodate you.

  • Our teachers are having enough time to relax and come back to students the next day, full of happiness to carry their mission with happiness, energy, and professionalism

  • Being able to prepare for exams such as ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) International Examination and Certification

  • For Parents: Through our experience so far, we can confidently say that we helped a lot of parents to have peace of mind in their lives while allowing their children to have the music education they always wanted without affecting parents busy schedule as well as saving the child's time to do more useful stuff at home till the teacher comes as simple as having their lunch meal or do one homework 

  • We have our own method to monitor our lessons progress closely by management and ensure the improvement of students

  • Since the teacher is at your place you can get feedback on spot every time if you like to and our teacher will be happy to discuss with you





Pros of registering with us


  • No hidden payments and no registration fee

  • Registering for private lessons with a licensed music institute can definitely guarantee that your money will not be lost 

  • You will always find someone to refer to, in case of any matter shall arise. Which might need any corrective action to be done

  • You will be sure that someone will always follow up on the progress of your child, and give you the most honest opinion you could expect. Putting you in ease of mind

  • Free up slots in your schedule and save you a lot of time and energy




Why Learn at Home


Let's look at it like that: Your children are at school the whole day, which makes learning at home away from the school environment or simulation of it an advantage and insurance that this is the fun activity that they are doing after school. It will make the children look forward to it, especially if they have the passion to learn the instrument of their choice. You want to encourage your child not to push him\her away from it.

Why Learn at online

Let's look at it like that: In so many cases the teacher is sitting with you to monitor, and correct your mistakes, or play for you something to show you how it's done. Especially if you are not a beginner for some instruments like guitar or piano, for instance, you will still be able to get the same benefit from a teacher that is doing all that we mentioned earlier, but through a screen, so you will still be able to follow up, understand, and improve whether you are a child or an adult taking the online lessons. The problem will be only if you have a major position problem, or a very bad playing habit, that will need a physical correction, then, at home music lessons will be the choice for you, ot for sure if you are just the kind of person that like direct interaction.

Why take one on one online music lessons, not tutorials

Will take YouTube as an example since it is one of the biggest platforms:

YouTube is a sea that contains all kinds of sources, bad and good ones. unless you have enough knowledge to be able to filter, choose the best, and the most beneficial tutorials, it will be very easy to gain bad playing habits or just wrong knowledge which could be disastrous in the long term, as it is extremely hard to get reed of them later, especially if it is a bad playing habit, ask any professional musician that you trust to get an idea of how hard is that, it could literally take years sometime.

That's why booking one on one online music classes with The Musicians is the choice to go with because you will be sure that the teacher is highly educated and trusted. Besides, our consistent follow up with all our teachers and students, that will assure you improvement, if you are practicing, for sure.





Time Saving


10 am to  9 pm - Sun to Thu


800 8664  - 800 TMMI

        We are happy to receive your calls between

         10:00 am to 3:00 pm  -   06:00 pm to 9:00 pm


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At The Musicians LLC, We want to make it easier for everyone to learn music. So do NOT limit yourself with your schedule, remember we come to you.

Life is too busy and full to spend valuable time on the roads stuck in bad traffic. We have very qualified music teachers that are happy to make it easier for you, remember we come to you.

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