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Our Vision


For Students

Is to spread the passion of music to the new generations or anybody, who really loved to play music but did not get the chance to do so, and feels that it is time to go for it.

We feel extremely proud and glad when we see someone who came to us with no knowledge about the instrument what so ever, then find him/her able to play, not only to impress others but him/herself too!!

For Teachers

Our founder Jawdat Outree, is aiming also to support musicians in the UAE so they stay free and happy, managing their own time, and feel like being supported by a big family. This mentality has been the source of our success since day 1, as being as happy as possible will enable all teachers to give their best to their students, especially that we are all passionate about teaching and music.

Our Founder

Jawdat Outree

Guitarist\ Music Composer and Producer

Jawdat is a Syrian guitarist and music composer based in Dubai. He is currently working in international projects for some US parties as composer and music arranger. He started his teaching journey back in hometown, Aleppo 2009. In March 2016, released his first album "Strings from the Past" in the GCC countries and spread his tunes all over the world. 


You can visit to find out more.

"Strings from the Past" is one of the best selling albums in UAE in 2016 and continue to be from time to time.

You can check and get Jawdat's first album on all the following platforms

If you have any idea, feedback or a testimony to share, we will be happy to hear it 


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At The Musicians LLC, We want to make it easier for everyone to learn music. So do NOT limit yourself with your schedule, remember we come to you.

Life is too busy and full to spend valuable time on the roads stuck in bad traffic. We have very qualified music teachers that are happy to make it easier for you, remember we come to you.

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