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The Musicians LLC offer the easiest, most professional, and the happiest way to book violin lessons and music lessons at home and online music lessons in UAE, We do not do it as a job we do it for the Passion.

The Musicians LLC is eager to get contracted with specialized and more importantly passionate music and violin teachers not only musicians, that they have the keen to pass their passion for young and adults people.

Violin is a very expensive instrument due to its ability to play endless notes and that includes all styles and cultures. The violin is a fretless instrument, the violin could manage its way through a lot of cultures from the Far East to the far west.

No one can say that it’s the easiest instruments but undoubtedly it’s very satisfying to achieve the level of playing classical or even pop famous melodies. Bowing on violin string especially longbows are very relaxing and soul-fulfilling. It could easily transfer you to a different world that you are the one in control of your expressions with no limitations. The steady posture that practicing violin requires could improve your child's overall self-awareness and body control. Besides, violin requires a good sense of pitch which can be developed in time while learning especially if the student can hear the difference between notes, which can also reflect on singing abilities as it will become easier for a kid to know that he is singing incorrect pitch of a note by ears. Playing Violin also leads them to be more organized, responsible and helps them mingle with a wide range of musical genres.