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Online lessons and online courses have been around for many years. Have you ever searched for YouTube tutorials to learn some chords, a song, or even a classical piece, but found yourself lost in the number of videos that were not explained well, or simply not designed for your personal needs? Online music lessons one on one could be the option for you!

Whether you are a busy person that has no time to waste, or you are simply not comfortable sitting with someone in person to learn from, or you are just looking for the most affordable music learning option with a professional music teacher; Online music lessons one on one could be the option for you if you do or do not have prior knowledge about your instrument or playing music.

We put together some frequently asked questions to help you   Make the Right Decision!

About the Lessons

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Prior Knowledge Requirements for each instrument

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Would online lessons help me to improve?

We are experienced in online teaching, therefore, we can confidently tell you that it depends on a few factors: 1- Who is your teacher 2- How well teacher/ lessons are organized 3- How well teacher understand your needs.

What equipments do I need to have?

1- Your instrument 2- Camera 3- Good internet connection 4- Camera stand Any device with a camera will be good: - Laptop or desktop - Tablet - Mobile For sure the bigger screen the better.

Do you offer a trail lesson?

We do not start with students before having a booked assessment done, so we can advise you if it's going to work for you, and give a teacher the chance to assess your level.

Does it cost less than home lessons?

Yes for sure. You can check our online lessons packages to know more.

Do you still have more questions?

Check our FAQ page, if you have more general questions.

Can I take online lessons if I am a total beginner?

For some instruments it will work, indeed, however, we put together the "Prior knowledge requirments" for each instrument. Kindly check the tab to know more.

No proir knowledge is required for the following instruments:

Guitar, Theory, Vocal, Ukulele, Harp, Qanon, Drums, Conga, Darbuka, Xylophone If an instrument of your choice is not one of the mentioned above, kindly check the knowledge requirments in the tap below.

Proir knowledge is required for the following instruments:

For children: Violin, Oud, Saxophone, Trumpet, Clarinet, Cello If your child ever touched the instrument and played for a while, we can do an assessment to be able to advise you if it is a good idea for you to book online lessons. However, for fretless instruments such as Violin and Cello will be kind of hard for the student to know where is the correct note without having the teacher in person to explain, and probably put some guiding marks on the instrument. In this case we advice you to book at least 8 home lessons with us first then change to online music lessons if the teacher finds it possible and beneficial.
For adults:
The same instruments like for children, but we would advise you to do an assessment as it is easier for adults to get what the teacher is explaining, especially about posture. Children would need in most cases for personal interaction to correct their posture problems. We promise to be always honest. :-)

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