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As a leading music institute in UAE, specialized in private lessons at home and online classes, we have come to conclusion, based on parents’ testimonials that the kind of lessons we provide is a great help for children as well as parents.  Children feel safe having lessons in their comfort zone which leads them to stay focused and happy. Parents, on the other hand, are amazed at how it has eased their timetable. 

Kindly check our page "Why To Choose The Musicians" as we put together advantages’ list of home music lessons for Children and Adults, that will surely help you to make the right decision!.

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Our Special Packages

Free up your passion with our uniquely designed packages

45 min Lesson

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45 min Lesson

30 min Lesson

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30 min Lesson

01   Month      4 Lessons      880 Dhs
02 Month      8 Lessons      1725 Dhs
04 Month     16 Lessons      3310 Dhs
06 Month     24 Lessons      4800 Dhs

Our Super Flexi 

*12 Month     40 Lessons      7790 Dhs
01   Month      4 Lessons      820 Dhs
02 Month      8 Lessons      1599 Dhs
04 Month     16 Lessons      3035 Dhs
06 Month     24 Lessons      4428 Dhs

Our Super Flexi 

*12 Month     40 Lessons      7175 Dhs

*All fees are inclusive of VAT

  - Any package can be used as 2 lessons per week or more (if you wish), it will end then according to the number of lessons taken not to duration.

    - You are able to opt for any package that suits you, after the assessment.

    - If your lessons fall in the summer's vacation, those lessons will be automatically held until you come back.


* The benefits of our Super Flexi package:

     - 8 weeks of frozen lessons during a year

     - No additional payments to keep your slot (applicable for all our packages) 

Pros of registering with us


  • No hidden payments and no registration fee

  • Registering for private lessons at home with a licensed music institute can definitely guarantee that your money will not be lost 

  • You will always find someone to refer to, in case of any matter shall arise. Which might need any corrective action to be done

  • You will be sure that someone will always follow up on the progress of your child, and give you the most honest opinion you could expect. Putting you in ease of mind

  • Free up slots in your schedule and save you a lot of time and energy

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