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We are having vocal classes for my daughter with the Musicians LLC and we are very pleased so far. Our teacher Ms Monica is very professional and very kind !My daughter likes her so much and she is very happy with her! I am also very satisfied from the administration ! Since at the first moment they showed transparency and professionalism. Maggie

Vocal Student



The classes were helpful and the trainer was very good and informative

Oud Student



Vivek and I would like to convey our thanks and gratitude for the past few months. You were always so calm and patient with Deepanwita and have instilled a love for guitar and music in her. She has become a confidant guitar player. We wish you good luck in future endeavours!

Guitar Student



The instructors are really knowledgeable and help you learn the correct way to play music and read music. Moreover they provide support as when is needed.

Oud Student



Very prompt and professional service. Also the tutor is jovial and supportive.

Ukulele Student



Jawdat is a great ukulele teacher. I was able to play and enjoy the instrument in a few lessons.
I got what I expected to get. Thank you!

Ukulele Student



It's truly a delight to be a student of an amazing, well learned teacher! 🤗

Piano Student



We are very grateful to have found Musicians LLC, and our son's Ukelele teacher - Jawdat for being such an inspiring influence in his life. We are a homeschooling family and part of our ethos was to take learning, especially in the early years in a slow and meaningful way. When we first approached Jawdat over a year ago, it was after visiting and understanding the methods of several brick-and-mortar music schools in Dubai. We admitted to Jawdat that what we wanted for our son (who was 7 at the time) was to have a passion for music more than anything else. Over their year long journey together, Jawdat has shown immense patience and passion, both wonderful traits to have in a teacher, and now our son plays several songs on the Ukelele. It is wonderful seeing how proud he feels of himself, and we have Jawdat to thank for it. We hope to move on to Guitar lessons in a few months.

Ukulele Student



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At The Musicians LLC, We want to make it easier for everyone to learn music. So do NOT limit yourself with your schedule, remember we come to you.

Life is too busy and full to spend valuable time on the roads stuck in bad traffic. We have very qualified music teachers that are happy to make it easier for you, remember we come to you.

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