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The Musicians LLC offer the easiest, most professional, and the happiest way to book drums lessons and music lessons at home and online music lessons in UAE, We do not do it as a job we do it for the Passion.

The Musicians LLC is eager to get contracted with specialized and more importantly passionate music and drums teachers not only musicians, that they have the keen to pass their passion for young and adults people.

A percussion instrument sounded by being struck with sticks or the hands, typically cylindrical, barrel-shaped, or bowl-shaped, with a taut membrane over one or both ends.

You can not play any of the modern songs without having a drums groove to make it alive. Drums is the sole instrument of most genres such as Jazz, Blue, Rock, Pop and almost any kind you could think of.


Learning drums develop huge coordination for any drummer as it works with both hands and legs, imagine being able to hit by the left hand and right hand to different things at the same time while your feet are doing other things, but all are working together to create wonderful rhythms. 


The Musicians LLC was founded in order to make learning music easier and more convenient for parents and kids. As a parent, you won’t be in need to carry the troubles of organizing your timetable to be able to go and drop your kids to music lessons, wait for them and then come back home the drop them back! Our teacher will come to your home or preferred place to conduct the music lessons there which is also an important aspect of your child learning process as music lessons at home or online lessons will keep him/her in their comfort zone away from being stressed by being around strangers or sudden visitors to the classes; If you are an adult we have good news for you, it is never too late to learn we have examples of adults up to 63 years old that they achieved what they were looking for on their instruments. Having your tutor in private home lessons or even online music lessons will keep you motivated to go forward.

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